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Why should I seal my driveway?
There are many reasons biggest being prolonging the life of your asphalt, protection from weathering, and of course curb appeal (or having a better looking driveway then your neighbour).

Overall, sealing your driveway is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to protect your investment and keep your property looking its best.

We use BLACKMAC premium liquid asphalt sealer an oil-based product that soaks in, and penetrates into the asphalt to replenish the oil contents in the asphalt.


During the winter season cracks will fill with water which expands when it freezes leaving your driveway with even wider, and deeper cracks each spring when the ground thaws.

We fill these cracks with a liquid rubberized compound that hardens, and protects the cracks from further water damage.

Overall, filling cracks is a simple maintenance task that can help preserve the integrity, and appearance of your asphalt for years to come.


Are you having trouble entering your garage due to asphalt settlement? We can install a progressive hot asphalt ramp for smooth entry, and exit.

Whether it’s a vehicle, or a snowblower we know that drop to get in the garage is a headache.

Get rid of the 2×4’s you’re using to help get into your garage and get yourself a ramp installed.


At JP Pave and Seal, we understand the frustration and potential dangers that potholes can pose to drivers and pedestrians. That’s why we offer professional pothole repair services to ensure the safety and smooth operation of roads, driveways, and parking lots.

We offer this services for
Residential and commercial!

And much more!

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